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Monatsrückblick - September 2021

Summer is slowly coming to an end. By now, some of our staff are still enjoying relaxing holidays. Once they come back, they will resume the hard work of building the first Swiss all-electric race aircraft .

At the same time, we hope you could enjoy your Summer and spend some time with your beloved ones.

During July and August, we were not closed and a substantial amount of work was delivered mostly in background. We prepared a new temperature-controlled oven to cure our future composite parts made of pre-preg (pre-impregnated carbon fiber). The lamination technique we will be using for our parts.

Our new 8.5m-long temperature-controlled oven (up to 150°C) is available for rent. Send us an email for a quote.

Because of some non-critical irregularities we found in a carbon fiber type we used for our wing, we decided to rebuild it, using a "pre-preg" process. So, we expect our first flight this Winter.

About this new process, we are also transforming all our wood molds in new molds made of carbon fiber. They are lighter, can be put in the oven and we can laminate many times the same part.

As "failing" is learning, our rejected wing will now be showcased at the Electrifly-In Switzerland. It will be prepared in such a way that people will learn a lot and see something you normally never see !

Come visit us and get in touch!

(Where to meet us)


11.-12. Sept. 2021: Electrifly-In / Flughafen Grenchen (CH)


Engineering :
  • Wing display preparation: completed
  • Lower wing skin: rejected
  • Main wing spar: rejected
  • All wood molds completed (exc. fuselage)
  • Carbon fiber molds : V-Tail stabilisator completed

Communication and Marketing :
  • Continuous increase on social medias followers and engagement
  • New thematic articles (Inside electric series)
  • New press articles

Short Outlook

In September, we will present ourselves at the Electrifly-In Switzerland. Bringing our wing and material samples (incl. a battery), we hope to meet many of you.

We are also still looking for investors and sponsors, who would like to be part of our cutting-edge project.

On the manufacture and engineering side, the complete design is almost finished and we will soon be able to resume the construction work of our aircraft.

Seen on the press

20. August - Sustainable Skies : Link
"Pie Aeronefs UR-1: V-tailed, Battery-winged Racer" - By Dean Sigler

20. August - Elektrischer Flug : Link
"Rennflugzeug Made in Switzerland" - Von Hellmut Penner

New articles

14. August - Inside Electric: Die Batterien: Link

30. August - Inside Electric: Batterie-Brandschutzsystem : Link

We need you !

Moving to the future needs a strong team work. We, at Pie Aeronefs SA, are looking for more partners and sponsors to help us bring the fastest Swiss all-electric aircraft to life.

Have a look to our registration page and we will be glad to hear from you.


Join us !

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