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Pie Aeronefs SA is a new Swiss all-electric aircraft manufacturer.

Founded in 2020, our goal is to market lightweight and zero carbon emitting aircraft by 2026. Through distributed electric propulsion, our airplanes shall equal or surpass the performance of conventionally powered competitors.

As a young company, we will complete the project with the construction of an electric racing plane "  UR-1 "which will participate, from 2024, in the international competition" Air Race E ".

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Zero emissions

Our all-electric aircraft will produce zero CO₂ directly when operated.

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Swiss Made

Our aircraft are manufactured in Switzerland with an emphasis on local procurement when possible.

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We are working on new concepts in order to improve our aircraft's autonomy and performances.

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03-2020 Company creation
04-2021 Approval of the UR-1 project by the EAS and design of the UR-1
01-2022 Making the UR-1
01-2022 Design of the UG-2
01-2024 First flight of the UR-1 and design of the UG-2
04-2024 Air Race E Championship
07-2024 Manufacture and first flight of the UG-2
01-2025 Approval of the UG-3 project by the EASA DOA and design of the UG-3
01-2028 First flight of the UG-3
06-2028 First sales of the UG-3


To achieve the objective of carbon-neutral aviation, Pie Aeronefs relies on the development of a small number of critical technologies, designed to mitigate the limitations of current battery systems. We have developed an innovative and lightweight fire-protective material to reduce the risk of battery fires in flight, as well as methods to mount the battery inside our wing for structural benefits. We have similarly conceived  an ultra-effective active high lift system which will be showcased in our upcoming UG-2 project. And finally, we will develop an optimised airframe to sustain the battery weight for improved range performance.

Top view of the electric swiss racing aircraft UR-1

The "V" tail

This "V" shaped tail configuration has been brought up to date by our team. Thanks to the removal of a flight surface, we are able to decrease drag.

Electric motor

Powerful from low RPMs, quiet and cost-efficient, an electric motor does not require heating time or need to rotate when waiting on aerodromes. This considerably reduces environmental and noise impacts.

Wing battery pack

The energy storage is located in the wings. Developed to measure, our batteries are efficient and durable. Surrounded by aerospace grade fire-resistant materials, we guarantee occupant safety.

Air Race E

Air Race E is the first and only all-electric air racing world championship. Complementary to Air Race 1, this new category will serve as a test bench for the technologies of the future.

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Swiss Team

Pie Aeronefs SA - Picto Energie

150 kW

Maximum Power

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590 km/h

Maximum Speed

Pie Aeronefs SA - Picto Weight

272 kg

Empty Mass

3/4 view of the UR-1 Swiss electric racer

Starting in 2024, we will test our concepts at the world's first all-electric air racing competition, under the name "Team Pie Aeronefs”. Broadcasted around the globe, this Airbus-funded event will serve as a technology accelerator in the same way as motorsports do in general.

Alongside other high-ranking teams, we will be the only Swiss team and, of course, intend to position ourselves as the most efficient team and thus, later, adapt our research to certified general aviation devices and sold across the planet.

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Newsletter - May 2023

Find out more about what the Magpie team has achieved during the last month! Pie Aeronefs' newsletter is now available

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Pie Aeronefs announces the foundation of Swiss’ Carb lab

Since its foundation, our company has received numerous requests for the design and manufacture of prototypes and products in composite materials. We will now meet the needs of these customers with a new laboratory: Swiss' Carb

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Newsletter - April 2023

April was a great month for Pie Aeronefs SA, not just because we took part in AERO Friedrichshafen show! Discover more in our monthly newsletter!

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Pie Aeronefs to take part in AERO Friedrichshafen show to represent electric aviation

Pie Aeronefs will participate in the international AERO Friedrichshafen exhibition dedicated to aviation and will be happy to welcome visitors

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We are proud to be supported by our partners, sponsors and technical sponsors with the common goal of developing a greener aviation.

What they think of us

To engineer what's ahead requires innovation, speed and the confidence that the product being developed will perform as expected in the real world. As the official simulation software partner of Air Race E, Ansys is providing Pie Aeronefs SA with the simulation solutions required to rapidly develop an all-electric aircraft from concept to flight while delivering the precision needed for success. We look forward to watching Team Magpie competes in the upcoming Air Race E series.

Robert Harwood - Global Industry Director

Ansys Inc.

Wing-to-wing air racing is challenging; and making it electric is even moreso! We at Air Race E have been impressed by the concepts of Pie Aeronefs SA and we believe this team will be a serious competitor to watch.

Dmitry Karelin - Technical Project Manager

Air Race E

Pie Aeronefs SA is demonstrating a pragmatic and ambitious approach to developing new technologies for all-electric aircraft with great potential.

Tine Tomazic - Chief Technical Officer

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