Air Race E

Air Race E is the world's first and only all-electric air racing championship. Complementary to Air race 1, this new category will serve as a test bed for the technologies of the future.

Starting in 2024, we will test our concepts in the world's first all-electric air racing competition, under the team name " Team Pie Aeronefs”. Broadcast around the world, this Airbus-funded event will serve as a technology accelerator in the same way as motorsports in general.

Alongside other high-ranking teams, we will be the only Swiss team and, of course, intend to position ourselves as the most efficient team and thus, later, adapt our research to certified general aviation devices and sold across the planet.

Fast Facts

Source: Air Race E

Pie Aeronefs SA - Picto Audience 2

1.34 Billion

Cumulative audience reach

Pie Aeronefs SA - Picto Media 2

4.2 Million

Media reach per event

Pie Aeronefs SA - Picto World 2

127 Territories

Broadcasting TV Show

Pie Aeronefs SA - Picto Small checkerboard 2

21 Courses

Planned until 2025

Pie Aeronefs SA - Picto Education 2

80% Spectators

Have a higher education

Pie Aeronefs SA - Picto Spending 2

$ 2,300

Average spending per spectator

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100% electric, our aircraft does not emit any carbon

Pie Aeronefs SA - Swiss Flag Picto


We will be the only Swiss team

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The race allows us to test our concepts