Air Race E

From 2023, Pie Aeronefs SA will take part in the world’s first all-electric airplane racing competition under the name “Team Pie Aeronefs”. These high flying events are a new category of air racing which will combine competitiveness and ecology. As the unique Swiss team, we are proud to fly the colors of Switzerland.

Fast Facts

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Pie Aeronefs SA - Picto Audience 2

1.34 Billion

Cumulative audience reach

Pie Aeronefs SA - Picto Media 2

4.2 Million

Media reach per event

Pie Aeronefs SA - Picto World 2

127 Territories

Broadcasting TV Show

Pie Aeronefs SA - Picto Small checkerboard 2

21 Races

Planned until 2025

Pie Aeronefs SA - Picto Education 2

80% Spectators

Have a higher education

Pie Aeronefs SA - Picto Spending 2

$ 2,300

Average spending per spectator

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Why choose us

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100% electric, our aircraft does not emit any carbon

Pie Aeronefs SA - Swiss Flag Picto


We will be the only Swiss team

Pie Aeronefs SA - Picto Performance


The race allows us to test our concepts