Behind the scenes: Aerodynamics

In the article "Behind the scenes: Aerodynamics" you can discover how the design of the UR-1 was shaped by the work of the aerodynamic engineering team

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Why we have chosen the V-Tail for UR-1

One of the objectives achieved this year was the completion of the empennage of the first 100% electric Swiss racing aircraft. This is the reason we chose the V-Tail for UR-1

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Behind the scenes: Creating molds and components

To build an aircraft made of composite, it is required to have the right materials and the machining process. Find out more.

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Inside Electric: Battery Fire Protection System

Equipped with 12 batteries, our Swiss electric race aircraft UR-1 will be equipped with a tailor-made and effective fire protection.

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Inside Electric: Batteries

How does a battery work and what technology have we selected for the first Swiss electric racer?

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Behind the scenes: Testing

The production of parts requires to guarantee their quality and functioning. Find out how Pie ​​Aeronefs SA performs its testing.

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Behind the scenes: Manufacturing

Pie Aeronefs SA itself produces most of the parts for the first 100% electric Swiss racing aircraft. Learn about our production process and get a behind-the-scenes look.

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Behind the scenes: Parts design

Building a 100% electric Swiss aircraft requires a solid and experienced team of engineers. A lot of parts have to be designed before you can build an airplane. Throughout this article, you will learn more about the process of designing a part.

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