About us: the story of our logo

The logo of Pie Aeronefs represents our image, our values and our visual identity. However, some features of this logo are inconspicuous and its history little known.

Now that we explained how our project was born, we would like to introduce the story of our logo. We would like to tell more about our design choice and its meaning for our company.

Learn more about our logo and the story of our company in this "about us" series article.

The dream of flying

Our logo is inspired by the dream of flying that has been in the human mind for centuries. Myths, legends and fairy tales have told us stories about it. Of course, in aviation, birds were and still are the source of such a collective inspiration. Indeed, in the past, the most widespread idea of flying was to reproduce the dynamics of the flight of birds.

We can think of the ornithopter. This kind of aircraft, which was also drawn by Leonardo da Vinci in the 15th Century, flies by flapping its wings like a bird.

That past idea of flying is completely different from today's world, as aircraft (still) don't flap their wings. However, the strongest link between the flight of a bird and a human being will to reach the skies still remains.

Meaning of our logo

We didn’t choose a generic image of a bird as a logo, but there was one particular species of bird that we appreciate more than others for its characteristics: Magpie.

We decided to adopt it as our logo with a stylized representation of a magpie because they are quite elegant and intelligent birds. These characteristics reflect our goals to develop elegant and intelligent designs for the next generation of aircraft.

Magpie: the intelligent bird

Despite their bad reputation in western folklore for stealing shining objects, which is actually false, the magpie is part of the crow family and is one of the most intelligent animal on Earth.

Magpies are part of the only few birds able to successfully pass the mirror test, a test allowing to establish the link between a living being and its self-perception. In addition, magpies are able to size their food in proportion of their age, but also live in a complexe social organization as well as develop sophisticated defense strategies.

A green accent on the wing

For all these reasons, we feel a kinship with such creature, which is why we definitely chose them for our namesake and our logo.

We also decided to replace the blue accent on their wings with green, to accentuate our goal of electrification in aviation. Green, in fact, is the color used in the communication field to express the idea of respecting nature and, generally, identifies environmental sensitivity, something we really care about.


By looking at our website, you will note our wish of simplicity and elegance. We want to communicate in a concise and intelligent manner.

Have you ever wondered where the name of our aircraft "UR-1" came from? The answer soon.