Press Release

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has been almost one year since the new Swiss company Pie Aeronefs SA was founded with the objective to develop the market for electric aircraft.

By designing electrical technologies, we aim to not only reduce carbon emissions of light aircraft but also to reduce their noise and cost of operation. By doing so, we want to decrease the ecological impact of the general aviation segment and, at the same time, improve relations with airports’ neighborhood and make aviation more accessible to a wider audience.

To achieve our goals, we want to gain experience by building an experimental aircraft that will participate in the world’s first all-electric air racing championship. Note that we are the only registered Swiss team!

In one year, we are proud to have achieved many goals such as:

  • Creation of the company’s legal status;
  • Recruitment of a team of engineers, often experienced thanks to large-scale projects such as Solar Impulse;
  • Creation of engineering plans for the raceplane;
  • Manufacture of the fuselage mold and development of our own battery system.

At this time, our team is completing the wing design. We are planning our aircraft's first flight this summer, in Payerne: a historic aeronautical site.

In the current environmental situation, we believe it is important to create a more promising future, with new technological advances and less pollution. Through our project, we want to make this vision a reality.

We thank you for spending a few moments on our news and we would be delighted to welcome you in our workshop in La Sarraz (VD), for a report, an article or a simple visit.

Best regards,

Pie Aeronefs SA