Newsletter - April 2023

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Monthly Review - April 2023

We would like to begin this newsletter by thanking the ones that came to visit our stand in AERO Friedrichshafen show.

April was a great month for our company under many points of view. For the first time, we have introduced to the world the first Swiss fully electric race aircraft, the UR-1. Indeed, before AERO Friedrichshafen show, the Magpie team has worked hard to accomplish the goal to complete a partial assembly of the tail, the fuselage and the wing in order to make the company able to display it during this important general aviation fair. So, it was incredible to see our aircraft almost completed after so many months of work and to realize that it is full of people truly interested in our projects and in our airplanes. 

All the enthusiastic comments and feedbacks we have received are even more motivating us in carrying out our projects. Now, we are working on the configuration of the battery boxes and the design we have created make us confident to achieve this milestone in a relatively short period of time. In addition, we are now dealing with a strategic stage in the fuselage manufacturing, indeed, it is almost completed and we are just facing the last challenges.

In the meantime our engineering team is tackling the last issues related to the UG-2 - our first general aviation prototype - preliminary design. 

So, we are basically close to achieving another milestone after more than one year dedicated to testing the aerodynamics and the feasibility of our second prototype. 


  • Manufacturing of UR-1 fuselage in the final stage
  • Configuration of battery boxes ongoing
  • Preliminary UG-2 design close to completion
Communications and Marketing:
  • Pie Aeronefs in AERO Friedrichshafen show
  • Continuous increase on social media followers and engagement
  • New content online on our website

Short Outlook

In the next weeks, Pie Aeronefs team will deal with the last stage in the preliminary design of UG-2, our second general aviation prototype. Our workshop team is taking the last steps in the manufacturing of the fuselage and at the same time is carrying out the configuration of the battery boxes.

Seen on the press

April 21st - Flieger Magazin: Link

"Elektrisches Rennflugzeug UR-1 soll am Air Race E teilnehmen" - Flieger Magazin 

New items

April 17th - Pie Aeronefs to take part in AERO Friedrichshafen show to represent electric aviation Link

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