Newsletter – February 2023

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Monthly review - February 2023

Engineering work implies to be brave enough to question also what you have done in the last months and, if it doesn't meet the quality requirements set, to change it.

Indeed, the efforts made for the purpose of respecting these standards have led us to also revise the "bulkheads chapter" in our "UR-1 book". So, the engineering team has made some adjustments in the design of bulkheads. The function of a bulkhead can be often underrated, but actually this part is really important in an aircraft for at least two reasons: it supports the structure of the fuselage and it helps in maintaining its shape. 

As always, every time we need to manufacture a part of our aircraft, our engineers carry out another huge work that consists in producing accurate drawings to let our composite technicians and experts make the design concrete. Consequently, this month, in our workshop, it also began the manufacturing of the bulkheads, while part of the team is still working on the fuselage. In addition, during last weeks, the team has been committed to the integration of the control system in the wing, which is currently underway and represents another step toward the completion of the first Swiss fully electric race plan, the UR-1.

Moreover, we are already beginning to detail the design of our next prototype: the UG-2. In particular, some progress has been made on the batteries and on the fuselage. 

Lastly, we would like to conclude our monthly report by sharing with you a good news: we are thrilled to announce that our company will take part in Aero Friedrichshafen show next (19-22 April), as reported in the list of the exhibitors. So, if some of you are planning to participate in the event, we would be delighted to welcome you to our stand and offer you a coffee! 


  • Fuselage lamination in progress 
  • Manufacturing of bulkheads
  • Integration of the control system in the wing 

Communications and Marketing:
  • New blog post online on our website
  • Participation in Aero Friedrichshafen Show confirmed
  • Continuous increase on social media followers and engagement

Short Outlook

In the next weeks, the team will focus on completing the manufacturing of bulkheads and the fuselage, while part of us will be involved in detailing the design of UG-2. Regarding communication and marketing, we will be busy in getting the company ready to take part in Aero Friedrichshafen show.

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