Newsletter - November 2022

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Monthly review - November 2022

If September was devoted to the V-Tail completion, October has been the month of the propeller, the fuselage and the wing.

Even if we haven't completed the latter yet, we are currently close to conclude this challenging stage of the UR-1 manufacturing. This accomplishment will also have a symbolic meaning, because our innovation core (batteries) will be placed inside it. In order to complete the wing, we have received Radim Laga, the CTO of LZTec, who came to visit us from Czech Republic. He is one of our main contractors, and is responsible for the design and construction of our power electronics. As lead electrical engineer of Pie Aeronefs, he was invited to the company's headquarter and our team was proud to welcome him after many months of remote work and meeting via Teams. 

Furthermore, during October, Pie Aeronefs' team has also achieved an important goal: the propeller assembly has been completed. This accomplishment made the team able to focus on another crucial step in manufacturing the first Swiss all-electric aircraft, UR-1: The company has already begun to work consistently on perfecting the design and testing the fuselage.

Concerning communication and marketing, the company is grateful to the known Visiativ Solutions Switzerland company for getting us involved in the person of our CEO, Marc Umbricht, in MyCAD 2022 conference, an incredibly innovative event in which we take part with a speech about technical design. Thanks to this event, we had the opportunity to exchange views with experts and to present our project. 

So, to sum up, now we have the initial and the final parts of UR-1 (the propeller and the tail) completed and we can't wait to show you the results of what is going on just right now in the workshop!


  • Assembly of UR-1 propeller completed
  • Perfecting the design and testing the fuselage 
  • UR-1 wing close to be completed

Communications and Marketing:

Short Outlook

During the next weeks, Pie Aeronefs team plans to be involved in the completion of the wing and in concluding tests and design of the fuselage.
Another crucial step will be represented by the end of the tests on UG-2.

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