Newsletter – October / November 2023

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Monthly Review - October / November 2023

October was a great month! Indeed, we have finally shared the news that we have been waiting to give you for a long time: the fuselage of our first racing prototype, the UR-1, was finally assembled. However - as you probably expect - this is not the only news we have about the work carried out during the last period.

The assembly of the fuselage is probably the most relevant achievement we had in October, but we have also made considerable progress with our second prototype, the UG-2, in particular, we did an experimental verification of its high lift performance. Regarding the UR-1, our CEO, Marc Umbricht, stated after the assembly of fuselage: "This step represents a key accomplishment because it means that we are getting closer to validating our assumptions for our first project". After several months spent improving bulkheads, the assembly of the fuselage is the achievement that places the team close to conclude "the UR-1 chapter".

Meanwhile the fuselage of our first prototype was assembled, our second one, the UG-2, was making the team focused in testing its aerodynamics. Indeed, in October, our engineering team went to the Yverdon-les-Bains Aerodrome to make some tests. In particular, for the purpose of verifying the high lift performance of a wing section for the UG-2 aircraft, we have installed a mobile test facility on a car trailer. We used a test model similar to a portion of the UG-2 wing, and we decided to utilize a trailer facility because it resembles the conditions in a very large wind tunnel. Less precise of course, but also sufficient for the kind of preliminary tests that we need to perform at this point. For example, vibrations due to road roughness generates inertial forces on the balance which translates into measurement noise. However, the large lift force, of interest here, is still measurable. 

Regarding marketing and communication, the team has prepared the presence of the company at Startup Nights (2nd - 3rd November), an event in which the financial world and some important players in the economic Swiss landscape have met with startups. We were selected also to participate in the pitching competition, which was an incredible opportunity for us, especially for the interesting feedbacks and questions we heard from the public. So, we would like to thank all the people who came to visit our stand or that were interested in learning more about us. 


  • Assembly of the UR-1 fuselage
  • Aerodynamic test of the UG-2 at Yverdon-les-Bains Aerodrome
Communications and Marketing:
  • Continuous increase on social media followers and engagement
  • Participation in Startup Nights

Short Outlook

In the next weeks, we expect to continue our research on the UG-2 prototype and to conclude the UR-1 project.

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New items

November 1st - Pie Aeronefs completes the fuselage of its first prototype, the racing plane UR-1 Link

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