Pie Aeronefs announces the completion of the UR-1 wing

Pie Aeronefs is proud to announce that one of the most difficult steps in manufacturing theUR-1, our first fully electric Swiss racing aircraft, is finally over: today, our team has assembled and finalized the wing of the aircraft. As we have been working on this part since last spring and have arranged our lithium-ion polymer batteries in the wing, this achievement ended a difficult chapter in our mission and is very important for our company. We are now closer than ever to finalizing our prototype.

Marc Umbricht, CEO of Pie Aeronefs commented on the completion of the UR-1 wing: “Yesterday was the last time we saw the interior of the UR-1 wing. With this step taken, we are very close to realizing our dream”.

From now on we are ready to devote our energies to the finalization of the fuselage, the last crucial step to complete the first Swiss 100% electric racing aircraft, the UR-1.

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