Pie Aeronefs completes the fuselage of its first prototype, the racing plane UR-1

Pie Aeronefs is pleased to announce the completion of the fuselage of the UR-1 racing plane. Both sides of the aircraft component were assembled and glued yesterday, as it is visible in the photos below.

The company is glad that one of the most challenging stages of the manufacturing of the first prototype conceived by the CEO, Marc Umbricht, and the team is finally over. As we told you in the last issues of our newsletter, we faced several findings with the bulkheads, so this is why this achievement represents a milestone for our company. The CEO, Marc Umbricht, stated about this achievement: « I’m glad that the fuselage of our first prototype has been completed after months of hard work. This step represents a key accomplishment because it means that we are getting closer to validating our assumptions for our first project ».

The next step the workshop team will move to complete the project will concern the starting of the lamination of the central joint, in order to reinforce its structure.

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