Return of the Electrifly-In event on September 10 and 11, 2022

Hello our readers,

We are happy to share some pictures of our participation in Electrifly-In last weekend September 10 and 11, 2022, where not only we had very emotional moments but also some new things about the event:

  1. Preparation of the stand on Friday afternoon 
  2. The reception of customers very interested in Pie Aeronefs and connoisseurs of the world of aviation but also of certain old and new colleagues
  3. The eTalk audience was able to gain a broader insight into the current state of electric aviation, where it is today as well as the various exciting projects with specialists in the field of electric aviation, including our dear CEO Marc Umbricht
  4. The awarding of the e-Trophy
  5. The dismantling of the stand on Sunday and the team spirit that we were able to share with the Pie Aeronefs team

We sincerely thank our team for their dedication, they are truly passionate about their profession, and for having contributed one more year to ensuring that this project continues to materialize every day. Mega Big up everyone and see you next year! Thank you Electrifly-In, Grain Noir, nature terroir and all the team Pie Aircraft!!!