UR-1 Devil – Race Plane Kit


Our first aircraft, designed for racing Air Race E.


Fully electric and capable of extremely high speeds, it's a totally bespoke racing aircraft created for those who need speed.


The UR-1 kit includes all components in carbon, aluminum, wood and electronics. Parts are custom cut with minimal additional material to allow for inherent final adjustments.

Carbon and fiberglass shims are also provided to adjust bonding gaps. You will also have access to all technical data and assembly diagrams. Glue and tools are not included.

Time for the realization of the project

We estimate it at 800 hours. Customers with licenses in Switzerland can order fully assembled and registered aircraft.

Estimated performance

  • VH: 270 KIAS
  • MTOM: 400 kg
  • BEM (ex. Battery): 180 kg
  • Battery mass: 120 kg
  • VS0 : 55 KIAS
  • VS1 : 65 KIAS
  • Battery capacity: 14 kWh (50 MJ)
  • Motor power: 150 kW
  • Endurance:
    • 1:20 Hours at VY
    • 6 Minutes to VH


Three-phase motor controller

The beating heart of our electric planes. These motor driver units are designed to work with EMRAX 348 motors and our future low profile aircraft motors. They offer best-in-class performance in terms of efficiency and weight for high power applications.

Technical specifics

  • Output power: Available in 150 kW
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Conversion efficiency: 92%
  • Input voltage: 800V DC
  • Dimensions: 265 mm x 225 mm x 85 mm
  • Water cooled, 22 l/min


Battery system

The critical element of the UR-1 Devil, its power-optimized battery system. Equipped with a water cooling system and a triple redundant fire protection system. The Firebolt is designed to efficiently and safely deliver 800V of continuous current in the lightest package possible.

The enclosures are made from our proprietary lightweight composite panels that have been tested to withstand 1000 degree flames for 15 minutes. Electronic controls and internal fire stops virtually eliminate the risk of a “battery” fire, but each enclosure is additionally capable of containing a fully developed battery fire and safely venting gases to the sea.

Technical specifics

  • System weight (12 Units + CBMS): 120 kg
    • Weight per unit: 10 kg
  • Operating voltage: 562 – 750 V DC
    • Unit voltage: 47 – 63 V DC
  • Charge/discharge rate: 2 C / 10 C
  • Maximum output power: 150 kW
  • Water cooling: 22 l/min divided into 12 units
  • ur-1 (render) flying in the sky
  • 3/4 view of the UR-1 Swiss electric racer
  • Top view of the electric swiss racing aircraft UR-1
  • ur-1 (render) flying in the sky side view

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