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Monthly review - November 2021

Changing a manufacturing process often takes a bit of time and ressources. Switching to "pre-preg" doesn't only requires the purchase of a new fiber with delivery delays, but also to be equipped with a high-temperature-controlled oven and the creation of new molds.

After lamination, the pre-preg carbon fiber necessitates to be cured in an oven. The temperature in the oven can be raised up to 140°C. As we use molds to manufacture our parts, it is important that there are no thermal expansion differences between the part and the mold. For this reason, we use molds made out of carbon fiber. That's why we "re-did" all of our molds.

By now, many molds are cured and ready to be used. In addition, we worked thoroughly on our 9m-long oven and conducted several tests as well. We are glad to announce that our oven is now ready for use!

These days, we will keep running different pre-preg oven-cure tests and, if results are good, we will finally start to laminate our parts again! We can't wait to see them done.

Talking about our company itself, we defined new sponsorship categories starting from only CHF500.-. With this single contribution, you now have the opportunity to have your name on our website as a proud supporter! Write to Timothy Kriegers (tkriegers@pieaeronefs.ch) for more information. He'll be glad to hear from you.


  • Oven building
  • Oven temperature-control tests successful
  • 10 Carbon fiber molds cured successfully and ready for use
Communication and Marketing:
  • Continuous increase on social media followers and engagement
  • Our partner Brütsch/Rüegger Tools published an article about our project and our collaboration 

Short Outlook

In November, we are finishing different curing tests on pre-preg carbon fiber. This is done to ensure everything will work as planned when we manufacture aircraft parts. In addition, once the tests are done, we will start to laminate the V-Tail skins.

We are also expecting a continuous growth on social media and soon, a new video will be published!

Seen on the press

Oct. 27th - Brütsch/Rüegger Holding: Link
"The Swiss are building the first electric racing aircraft" - Brütsch/Rüegger Tools

New articles

Oct. 08th - About us: the story of our logo Link

We need you !

Moving to the future requires a strong team work. We, at Pie Aeronefs SA, are looking for partners and sponsors who want to join forces towards the fastest Swiss all-electric aircraft.

Bear in mind that you can become a sponsor as from CHF500.-!

Have a look to our registration page and we will be glad to hear from you.


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