Pre-sales contracts are here!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that our electric aircraft, the UG-2, is available for pre-order. By pre-ordering, you are joining our mission to revolutionize air transport. Contact us to receive your purchase contract and become an aviation pioneer:

The UR-1

The UR-1 is a single seat race aircraft. Relying on electric propulsion, the UR-1 is an agile aircraft buit for speed.  It is a semi-aerobatic, high performance racer that conforms to the Air Race E Open Class.  Whether for competition or just for the thrill, the UR-1 can fly more than 270 KIAS without taking a drop of AVGAS. Read full product description here.

Purchase options

The UR-1 is available for sale as an unassembled kit with parts trimmed, including assembly jigs, motor, and battery units.  It is also available as a fully assembled, certified experimental aircraft with Swiss Imatriculation.

Kit : 350'000 CHF with 10% deposit

Assembled : 600'000 CHF with 10% deposit

The kit is estimated to require 400 hours of labor to assemble.  Online build assistance is included in the purchase price.

The kit or aircraft shall be delivered within 2 years of purchase agreement. The first aircraft sold will be delivered no later than 31st January 2023.