Newsletter – February 2023

Fuselage, bulkheads and integration of the control system in the wing: those were the main tasks our team was busy with

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Les coulisses: Aérodynamique

Dans l’article « Les coulisses: Aérodynamique » vous pouvez découvrir comment le design de l'UR-1 a été façonné par le travail de l'équipe d'ingénierie aérodynamique

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Newsletter – January 2023

During the last month, Pie Aeronefs made some important advancements in manufacturing the firs Swiss fully electric aircraft, UR-1

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Inside Pie Aeronefs : récapitulatif pour 2022 et bonnes résolutions pour 2023

L'avion UR-1 est également l'avenir et le passé de Pie Aeronefs: découvrez notre récapitulatif et bonnes resolutions pour 2023

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Newsletter – December 2022

Find out more about our last achievements by reading our monthly newsletter! You can subscribe it on the Contact page on our website

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Journée de l’aviation civile internationale: état des lieux de l’aviation électrique

A l'occasion de la Journée internationale de l'aviation civile, Pie Aeronefs a décidé de faire le point sur la situation de l'aviation électrique

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Newsletter – November 2022

Propeller, fuselage and wing: three keywords for our November's newsletter... Find out more about the work carried out on the first Swiss all electric race aircraft UR-1!

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Pourquoi nous avons choisi le V-Tail pour UR-1

L'un des objectifs atteints cette année était l'achèvement de l'empennage du premier avion de course suisse 100% électrique. Voici la raison pour laquelle nous avons choisi le V-Tail pour UR-1

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Quick News

✨It is always surprising to see what the expertise in manufacturing and the engineering can make together✨

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What are the differences in aerodynamics between an electric plane and an ordinary one?

How does an aerodynamic engineering team work? 

Today, we give you the opportunity to take a look at behind the scenes of our aerodynamic engineering team! 

Discover more at the link in bio!

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Everything can potentially make the difference for the aerodynamics of an aircraft, a small part like a push rod rod end as well

From the milling of this little component to the manufacturing of biggest ones, last month was really productive

Our monthly recap is now online, more at the link in bio

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Holidays are just around the corner and we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, full of success and bright Happy New Year.

We will take a break to rest after this challenging year and will be back in January 2023.
We would like to thank you for the support you never forgot to show: it’s meaningful for all of us. ❤️
As a symbolic gift, we leave you with our monthly newsletter in which you will find a funny presentation our CEO Marc Umbricht made for MyCad2022 conference, he has involved Santa Claus in a special mission... We hope you will appreciate it!
More at the link in bio

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Happy International Civil Aviation Day! 

We decided to use this anniversary to talk about electric aviation’s state of play, because we care about it, of course (😆), and it actually represents one of the most important rapidly expanding sectors of aviation. 

So, in this article we have asked ourselves: which challenges is electric aviation currently facing? Is it worth betting on its future? 
Discover more about this topic at the link in bio! 
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Three keywords to describe the work carried out in October: propeller, fuselage, wing.
Discover more at the link in bio about the last progress made in manufacturing UR-1, the first fully electric race aircraft!

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✨Great day in Pie Aeronefs SA! ✨

Today, we opened the doors of our company and it is always a pleasure for us to meet people interested in our project even more when they have similar background!

So, we would like to thank, Axalp Technologies and for coming to visit us!

We had the opportunity to talk about all the progress we made during this year and to illustrate next challenges we will face... We look forward to being involved together in cutting-edge projects! 🔗

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