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Monthly review - July 2021

Welcome back to our monthly newsletter, we are so glad to have you onboard!
Making the first Swiss all-electric race aircraft requires a strong teamwork and naturally, you are part of our story.

Last month, we continued to work thoroughly on our wing. The upper wing skin is completed, the wing ribs of wood and aluminum are ready and the main spar (was) done.

Was done because we rejected this part. Not because it was not good or whatsoever reason, but because the lamination process we used to create this part lead it to be slightly too thick at some points and the aluminum ribs could not fit perfectly. 

But this is not a bad thing! We are learning from our mistakes, we gain experience and we can move forward. Now, we decided to change our manufacturing procedures for so-called "pre-preg" carbon fiber. It means that this sort of carbon fiber is pre-impregnated. This saves us a little time and allows us for a more precise work. For these reasons, we decided to make this part again.

The "old" spar naturally won't be thrown away. It will serve us for different testings.

Now it's summertime, the sun came back in Switzerland and some of our staff will relax on holidays. In July-August we will keep working hard, but at a slower pace.

Enjoy your summer!


  • Upper wing skin: completed
  • Main wing spar: ongoing
  • Aluminum ribs: completed
  • Wood ribs: completed
  • Canopies: completed
  • Wing spars molds: completed
  • V-Tail molds (stabilator and ruddervator): completed

Communication and Marketing:
  • Continuous increase on social media followers and engagement
  • New thematic articles
  • New institutional partnering with the canton of Vaud SPEI (Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation)

Short Outlook

In July and August, we keep focusing on our wings and the V-Tail. We are making the main spar again and will make the rear spar too. After this, we will make the lower wing skin as well as some parts for the V-tail.

In addition, we will try to relax a bit and get positive energy from the Sun.

Seen on the press

June 3rd - Air Race E : Link
"Making the first ever electric race plane" - By Air Race E

June 14th - The SarrazIn : Link
"An all-electric plane" - By Official Journal of the Municipality of La Sarraz

New items

June 18th - EAS approves Pie Aeronefs SA Project: Link

June 24th - Behind the scenes: Manufacturing : Link

July 1st - Behind the scenes: Testing : Link

June 8th - About us: the Dawn of the first Swiss electric race aircraft : Link

Staff News

Welcome to Baptiste Le Moing, our new Composite Technician.

New partners and sponsors

Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation of Canton of Vaud as Institutional Partner.

"The SPEI is being with us for a short while already. This institutional partner is of great help and is thus part of the innovating development of the first Swiss all-electric race plane" 

Timothy Kriegers / CMO / Pie Aeronefs SA

We need you!

Moving to the future needs a strong team work. We, at Pie Aeronefs SA, are looking for more partners and sponsors to help us bring our fastest Swiss electric aircraft to life.

Have a look at our registration page and we will be glad to hear from you.


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In this interview, Fabrice Allaz, Expert in composite materials at Pie Aeronefs SA, explains you the processes and some information about the steps required in order to manufacture parts in composite for the first Swiss all-electric race plane.

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