UG-2 Bullfinch

UG-2 second prototype of Pie Aeronefs

The UG-2 Bouvreuil will be the first genuinely practical battery-electric aircraft. With performance similar to traditional aircraft such as the Cessna 152 and Piper Warrior, it is capable of completing all standard missions expected of light civil aviation at a fraction of the cost per flight hour. The $100 burger will cost $100 again!

This aircraft will be available as a carbon fiber kit. It will be ready for manufacture from 2024, after the first flight of our prototype. Pre-orders are available with a 5% deposit.


This kit includes everything needed to build and fly a UG-2 Puffin, including all powertrain and battery system components, carbon composite laminates, and wood and aluminum components. Parts are roughed close to final dimensions to allow for final adjustment.

Carbon and fiberglass shims are also provided to adjust bonding gaps. Access to all technical data and assembly drawings is provided. Glue and tools are not included.

Building time

We estimate a construction time of 1200 hours. Customers with a Swiss pilot's license can order a fully assembled and OFAC-registered aircraft.

Estimated performance:

  • VC : 120 KIAS
  • MTOM: 1000 kg
  • BEM (e.g. battery): 300 kg
  • Battery mass: 500 kg
  • Maximum payload: 200 kg
  • 1 pilot + 1 passenger
  • VS0 : 50 KIAS
  • VS1 : 95 KIAS
  • Battery capacity: 100 kWh (360 MJ)
  • Main motor power: 150 kW
  • Autonomy and endurance: 500 NM + reserve, 4 hours at VC
  • Minimum charging time: 1 hour (DC charger required)

Take-off in 2024

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