Newsletter – June 21

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Monthly review - June 21

Last month, we successfully infused our wing upper skin with resin. This procedure, executed with the apprehension that something might go wrong, underwent perfectly and we are really happy of the result.

Even if this was an important milestone to us, however, there are still a lot to do before our wing is completed. Actually, the wing upper skin is getting ready for the last carbon fiber layers : we will finish it within the next few days !

In May, we experienced some minor delays on the wing manufacturing. In fact, we are doing many other things at the same time, like preparing samples for testings at the École Polytechnique de Lausanne. This have had a higher priority.

In early June, we were delighted to receive in our workshop a class of mechatronic students. We could exchange a lot with this future generation of professionals. Because it was so great, we are introducing more visits in our workshop : sharing is caring

The key to success of the first Swiss all-electric race plane is teamwork and we welcome everyone who wants to take part in this adventure.

Like always, with this newsletter, take a look at our achievements, our outlook, and some personal  and sponsors news. Thanks again to all our staff members who are strongly engaged in this cutting-edge project.


Engineering :
  • The wing lamination work is ongoing
  • The wing upper skin has all its honeycomb inserts, enclosing within the next days
  • Many aluminium parts for the wings are currently in production
  • The wing spars molds are ready
  • We are finishing the production of the wing ribs in wood
  • We seem to have found the ideal fire protection material. More to come soon.
  • Our canopy is in production
  • Many material samples were prepared for testings

Communication and Marketing :
  • In May, we continued to significantly raise our community on LinkedIn and Instagram. Don't hesitate to follow us on these platforms for weekly updates.
  • We hired a new communication manager. Concetta Ferraina will support Timothy Kriegers by creating website content. We can now give more information to anyone who wishes to learn more about our project, engineering and aviation.
  • We started a new blog series called "Behind the scenes" including video Interviews.
  • On the side of marketing, we are proud to partner with one great Tools Supplier, Brütsch/Rüegger Tools SA.

Short Outlook

In June, we keep focusing on creating our wings. Lamination work is ongoing, and after the upper skin is ready, we will make the lower skin. Once both skins are ready, we will enclose the whole with the wing spars and the ribs inside.

In addition, we received the visit of ETML (École Technique - École des métiers Lausanne) mechatronic students. We will continue to organize private visits in our workshop.

Next month's newsletter might continue to contain vers interesting pictures!

Seen on the press

May 7th - ANSYS : Link
"How one Air Race E team Overcame a Critical Design Challenge With Simulation" - By Tim Palucka

June 3rd - Suter Kunststoffe AG : Link
"Pie Aeronefs SA - Suter Kunststoffe ist offizieller Liferant" - By Suter Kunststoffe AG

New articles

May 22nd - Intl. Day for Biodiversity: and the aviation pollution: Link
Learn more about facts regarding aviation pollution and the next challenges for mobility.

June 1st - Behind the scenes: Aircraft Design : Link
First article of a series. Read more about the processes we went through regarding the design

June 8th - Behind the scenes: Parts Design : Link
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Personnel News

Welcome to Concetta Ferraina, our new Communication Specialist.

New partners and sponsors

Brütsch/Rüegger Tools as Official Supplier.

“I am delighted about this great news. Every day, our electrical race aircraft takes shape and this is only possible thanks to the teamwork with our suppliers” 

Marc Umbricht / CEO, CTO / Pie Aeronefs SA

We need you !

Moving to the future needs a strong team work. We, at Pie Aeronefs SA, are looking for more partners and sponsors to help us bring our the fastest Swiss electric aircraft to life.

Have a look to our registration page and we will be glad to hear from you.


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Interviews and Videos



In this interview, Marc Umbricht, CEO and CTO of Pie Aeronefs SA, explains you the preliminary steps and the thoughts he passed through before starting to build the first Swiss all-electric race plane.
In this interview, Oliver Ensslin, Principal Engineer Structures/Mechanical Design of Pie Aeronefs SA, explains you the preliminary steps and the thoughts he passed through before starting to build the first Swiss all-electric race plane.

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